Specialty Fitting

Our highly skilled design engineers can create a fitting to meet any need. From 90s, crosses, reducers, or tees we have you covered.


FlexSteel’s engineering and manufacturing teams regularly partner with customers to design and produce customized fitting assemblies (CFAs) for unique applications such as extreme terrain changes and connections to specialized equipment. Our custom solutions give customers complete flexibility in installing FlexSteel pipe on complex applications. Custom fittings deliver all of the same installation and performance benefits as our standard fittings.

  • Features
  • Completely customizable based on your individual project needs
  • Endless variations and combination options
  • Engineering design expertise
  • Manufactured in-house at FlexSteel’s Houston, TX Connections Facility
  • Streamlined ordering and manufacturing process
  • Highly reliable, time proven track record
  • Fast and easy to install
  • No need for welding in the field