Service Centers


Regional Service Centers Now Open

FlexSteel is dedicated to the success of your pipeline construction projects. Our locally based teams of expert technicians can rapidly mobilize to support projects of any size. And, with pipe reels, connections and installation equipment in stock at each of our Service Centers, we have the ability to quickly respond to regional requests. Our expert teams are also available to provide installation training and certification courses. We are focused on providing outstanding local support, backed by our global infrastructure. Wherever you are, FlexSteel is close by and ready to meet your project needs.

Service Center Capabilities Include:
  • Service Technicians Available On-Site for Rapid Response
  • Installation Training/Certification for Clients/Contractors
  • Pre-project Planning/Project Management Support
  • Local Sales Support
  • Large Scale Stock Yard
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Reel Storage
  • FlexSteel Midline and End Fittings in Inventory
  • Equipment and Vehicles On-Hand for Trenching, Plowing, Surface, Pipe Rehabilitation, Horizontal and Directional Drilling, and Shallow Water Installations
  • Reel & Equipment Staging for Large Projects