Success Story


Steel-Reinforced Pipe Replaces Damaged Fiber-Reinforced Pipeline in the Bakken Formation

The Challenge

A large oil and gas company working in the Bakken Formation wanted to replace a 1.6-mi (2.6 km) fiber-reinforced pipeline used as a produced water injection line after it began to weaken and show signs of stress from high pressures and rapid changes in flow rates. The operator derated the pipe and reduced pressure in the line to minimize system fluctuations. To overcome these operational challenges, the operator needed a safe and reliable solution capable of withstanding the pulsating cyclic environment and highly corrosive produced water.

The Solution

After considering other alternatives, the operator selected FlexSteel 6-inch, 2,250 psi (155 bar) line pipe. The pipe’s tough and durable design has been proven to endure the effects of cyclic loading and highly corrosive produced water. In addition, the steel reinforced line pipe can reach operating pressures up to 3,000 psi (200 bar) without being derated over time.

The Result

FlexSteel replaced the damaged fiber reinforced line in four days. The pipe’s unique characteristics eliminated the need to derate the pipe, enabling the operator to maintain project flow rates, and provided a reliable pipeline system capable of handling cyclic loading. The operator was able to overcome its prior operational challenges with a reliable, long-term pipeline solution.