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FlexSteel Rebrand Wins 2011 Business Marketing Association (BMA) Lantern Award

HOUSTON, TX, January 11, 2012 - The Business Marketing Association (BMA) Houston Chapter gave top honors to the collaborative rebranding campaign of FlexSteel, an innovative manufacturer of flexible steel reinforced pipe, in the Corporate and Product Identity Category.

With a unique, revolutionary flexible pipe product with a core of steel, FlexSteel wanted to develop a modern brand that echoed the strength, durability and flexibility of the product line. The objective of the rebranding initiative was to create awareness and acceptance of the product for new markets that represented significant growth opportunities and to exemplify FlexSteel as the next generation of steel line pipe.

The new brand image was extended across a product literature portfolio, online presentations, tradeshow materials, as well as promotion and field materials. In particular, a new website that would appeal to customers who understand the long-term value and performance of FlexSteel’s product led to a strong launch beyond existing markets, increasing website visits by 248%.

"We were extremely excited by the volume of website hits that the newly launched site generated. The overall traffic far exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased that it’s become the business development tool that it is today,” said Brian Anderson, Director of Marketing with FlexSteel. “We are able to point to its exact tangible impact and receiving the BMA Lantern Award is a great example. We are energized by the improvement the website has made with communications to our customer and anxious for what that will bring to all of our 2012 initiatives.”

BMA Lantern Award entries are judged by business-to-business marketing professionals, who evaluate the execution and effectiveness of applied AIDA principles – awareness, interest, desire, and action – among target business audiences.

About FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc. FlexSteel is a revolutionary spooled pipe solution that couples the durability of steel with the installation, performance and cost benefits of spoolable pipe products. The highly corrosion-resistant technology was developed from more than 30 years of experience in demanding offshore environments. With unmatched structural integrity, FlexSteel continues to perform to original design specifications and does not need to be de-rated over time. Durable by design, it is the only flexible pipe that can be laid directly in rough terrain without the need for specialty bedding materials, and without affecting reliability. It will not weaken in the presence of water and stands up to cyclic loading environments. For more information, please visit

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