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FlexSteel Announces Legal Name Change

HOUSTON, TX, June 27, 2011 - Prime Flexible Products, better known for its brand FlexSteel, has recently changed their official name to FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies. By adopting the new name, it is a purely a reflection of the company’s growth and further underscores FlexSteel’s mission – to provide customers with “next generation” pipeline technologies.

As the company has grown, the FlexSteel name has become synonymous with advanced line pipe technologies that incorporate the best features of all available options. By linking the company name to its strong brand, FlexSteel believes that it reinforces an unwavering commitment to their mission and their product while paving the way for more unified communication and partnerships with valued customers.

The name change is also an extension of FlexSteel’s rebranding strategy and an ongoing effort to better align the brand with the company’s value proposition, which is to provide superior durability, performance and value. The name has changed, but FlexSteel’s commitment to superior products and services remains the same.

It’s a very exciting time at FlexSteel as the company is rapidly expanding and continues to evolve as a brand. The new name change is just the beginning of a bright future for FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc., further building upon its brand legacy.