Cut Project Time from Weeks to Days

Suitable for a variety of installation methods including trenching, plowing, surface, pipe rehabilitation, horizontal directional drilling, shallow water and more, FlexSteel deploys quickly and easily from a reel. Lengths of up to 8,858 feet (2,700 meters) are joined by midline connections, requiring no welding or x-rays to inspect weld quality. With far less equipment and personnel required, installation of FlexSteel is 40% to 80% faster and 35% to 65% less costly than jointed steel. And FlexSteel reduces right of way requirements to minimize land disturbance and environmental impact. The only flexible pipe that will not weaken in the presence of water and the only one with the strength for long pulls, FlexSteel is particularly well-suited for wet environments and for pipe rehabilitation projects.

FlexSteel can cut the right-of-way required for trenching installations by 20% to 40% compared to jointed steel and reduce the project duration from weeks to days.

Plowing installations can be performed three times faster, at 30% to 50% of the cost of trenching, where conditions permit. Using FlexSteel in plowing, you can install approximately four miles of pipe per day.

FlexSteel is a great alternative for temporary or permanent surface pipelines. Highly economical, it installs quickly and easily in lengths up to 8,858 feet (2,700 meters) to minimize connections, and can be re-spooled for reuse on a new project.

Long lengths of FlexSteel – in excess of 10,000 feet – can be pulled through failed pipelines where liners just won’t cut it. Quickly and easily restores original operating pressure at a fraction of the cost of new pipeline construction.

For many years, FlexSteel has been the solution of choice to overcome surface challenges such as road and river crossings or installing pipe in environmentally sensitive areas where absolutely no above-ground disturbance can be tolerated.

FlexSteel, the only flexible pipe that will not weaken in the presence of water, is an obvious choice for shallow water operations in lakes and coastal or marshy areas.

FlexSteel's field services group supplies the people and equipment to support smooth, safe and successful project execution. With specialized expertise in FlexSteel installations, our field services professionals work with contractors, providing technical oversight to ensure the easiest, most cost-effective installation in any environment.